Our Story

Business Facts

This business is black and female own and operated. The business owner is a Detroit native. We pride ourselves on using and designs on organic products. Most of our products are made with cotton. 

How it all started

Some may ask what where did the brand name comes from…Brought to You by One Believer LTD, (b2Yb1B). Well it is simple - as believers in Christ, we are all of one body...His body (Gal 3:28). These are just simple messages brought to us via His Spirit. These started off as repeatable affirmations to endure healing in different areas for the brand's owner.  ...but God... With her graphic design gift, she discovered cool ways to manifest these declarations.

God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and for godliness. This power was given to us through knowledge of the one who called us by his own glory and integrity.” — II PETER 1:3


Brought to You by One Believer (aka B2Yb1B) is an urban Christian brand that boldly expresses the simplicity of our Faith. Each design is based on scripture that assists as we maneuver through our daily lives.

The brand's designs are unique. They are not meant to be perfect or “crisp” as other designs are presented. With subtle hints of imperfection, the designs are meant to bring clarity. We are being perfected on this life’s journey. We should be forever transitioning. We have our marching orders “walk by faith and not by sight”, and by this each design is created. This makes life so much more fun…just seeing His perfection play out in our imperfect personalities, situations, or these designs.

And finally, this brand is owned by daC7 Enterprises LLC.